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A Bibliography Regarding History, Education and Simulation Gaming

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Ads not showing and VPN

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Amazon's Native Shopping Ads won't appear [Solved]

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ChatGPT and the use of anglicisms by artificial intelligence


Citing a Book Written by Numerous Authors

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Citing the Back Cover of a Book

Fizz Code

Code de référence Fizz – J21OD

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Código de referencia de Fizz – J21OD


Educational Resources

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Endnotes' Procedure and Number of References


Example of a Cloudflare configuration for a website

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Fizz Referral Code – J21OD

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Footnote for a Foreword

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Footnote Regarding an Expert Author's Paragraph


Footnotes and Bibliography Methodology

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Footnotes and Copyright Protected Documents

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Footnotes and Direct References

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Footnotes and Official Letters

Footnotes and Punctuation Marks

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Footnoting a Citation from a Translated Book

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How to add titles to a sitemap (free solution)


How to avoid using weak passwords

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How To Delete Windows Files on Second Hard Disk Drive or SSD

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How to Include a Background Image to a Single Word Page (.doc)?


How to Insert AdMob Ads to an App Inventor 2 (AI2) App

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How to modify a Youtube short video's thumbnail

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How to Modify and Sign App Bundle (.aab) Files

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How to overcome MIT App inventor's 5 meg limit for your apk files?

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In-App Billing Example for App Inventor 2 (AI2)

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Joystick / Gamepad keeps disconnecting on Windows 10 [Solution]

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Localized Version of a Google Play App


Lost Pages and/or Posts (CMS / WordPress)

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Major Features of History as a Field of Study

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MIT App Inventor code snippet to verify an Internet connection with the use of Android's webviewer function

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Modern Tribe's Events Calendar and loop-grid modification

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Modifying the position of Youtube subtitles with TTML

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Numbering and Continuation of Footnotes

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PlayStation (PC) closes automatically or won't launch – How to fix this? ¦ Solved

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Positioning of the Number


Proper Reference for the Transcription of a Conference

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Proper Use of the Ibid. Terminology

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Quoting a Book's Section Written by a Single Author

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Quoting from a Dictionary


Quoting from a Website

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Reference for a Scholar's Lecture

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Reference for an Essay Published in a Book with Many Authors

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Referencing Photos and Pictures

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Smart Lights Keep Disconnecting [Solved]

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Switch Wireless On or Off Through Cisco LED Button (WRT54G)

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Two Footnotes in a Single Sentence


Using a Source More Than Once


Why you should never give up!

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WordPress and 500 Internal Server Error

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