Answer: Proper Reference for the Transcription of a Conference

F.A.Q. #5

Dear Robert,

I have been using your web page to guide me to correctly make my quotations for my thesis. There is one quote I have not been able to quote correctly, for it is a tricky one and I can’t do anything for making it right. The case is as follows:

Georges Banu transcribed, as accurate as possible (in his own words), the conference of Jerzy Grotowski. The text was published in ART/PRESS in Paris in 1987. If you could help me, I would be for ever thankful, for it is of primordial importance for me (and my university) to have all quotations and all rules in perfect order.

Thanks for your time.

E. Correa


From what I understand, Georges Banu went to a conference given by Jerzy Grotowski and, after hearing Grotowsky, decided to write an article regarding this particular conference, which he published in a 1987 ART PRESS review.

So, if that’s the proper context for your source, your reference note should appear as follows (this is only an example):

Georges Banu, « Title of the article between quote marks », in Art Press (the title of the review, Art Press, must appear in italicized letters), # 34 (here goes the review’s edition number, for instance #34 or No 34 if it is its 34th publication),  Paris : Impr. Le Scorpion, September 1987, p. 26 (after « p. », indicate the page number of your article’s quote or source of information; for example, p. 26, or pp. 26-27 if the source of your information appears on more than a single page). P.S.: after a quick research, it seems that this review’s editor is Impr. Le Scorpion.

Now, your footnote should look like this (this is only an example; a footnote can appear at the bottom of a page or at the end of your paper, but before the bibliography section):

Georges Banu, « How I became an impresario », in Art Press, No 34, Paris: Impr. Le Scorpion, September 1987, p. 26.

For a bibliography reference, there are some differences though (the bibliography section must appear at the end of your paper, on the last page, where you mention all of your electronic and paper sources, books, reviews, etc…):

BANU, Georges.  « How I became an impresario », in Art Press. No 34. Paris: Impr. Le Scorpion, September 1987. pp. 22-41.  

[In an article’s bibliography reference, you must indicate the total number of pages; for example: pp. 22-41].


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