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Amazon's Native Shopping Ads won't appear [Solved]

Updated on / dernière mise à jour : 12/09/2023

About Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is a program created by Amazon that enables website owners and bloggers to advertise Amazon products on their websites in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner. With this program, publishers can earn referral fees by promoting Amazon products to their audience through a variety of ad formats, including recommendations, search ads and custom ads.

The Amazon Native Shopping Ads program was launched in 2015 as a new way for website owners to monetize their content by leveraging the power of the Amazon marketplace. The program has since grown in popularity with many publishers signing up to promote Amazon products on their websites. The program is part of the larger Amazon Associates program, which allows website owners to earn referral fees by promoting Amazon products to their audience.

The Amazon Native Shopping Ads program is designed to make it easy for publishers to advertise Amazon products on their websites. The ads are responsive, which means they automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen on which they are being viewed. This ensures that the ads are visually appealing and easy to navigate on any device, including desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

One of the key features of the Amazon Native Shopping Ads program is the recommendation ad format. With this format, Amazon automatically generates product recommendations based on the content of the website or blog. This means that the ads are highly targeted and relevant to the audience, which increases the likelihood of clicks and conversions.

The search ad format allows publishers to create ad units that display Amazon products related to specific search terms. This means that when a user types in a particular search term on the website, they will see ads for Amazon products that are relevant to their search. This ad format is highly effective because it targets users who are actively searching for products.

Custom ad formats are also available, which enable publishers to create their own ads using a variety of templates and design tools. This allows publishers to customize the look and feel of their ads, making them more attractive to their audience.

In summary, the Amazon Native Shopping Ads program is a way for website owners and bloggers to promote Amazon products on their websites and earn referral fees for any resulting sales. With a variety of ad formats available, publishers can create visually appealing ads that are highly targeted to their audience. The program has become an important tool for website owners looking to monetize their content while providing value to their audience.


Problem: you've installed Native Shopping Ads by Amazon on your website but they won't appear on your site's pages.

Solution 1: if you are using a VPN on your computer, this may be why you are not seeing Amazon's ads (or ads from other companies you are affiliated to). Disconnect your VPN and verify if the ads now appear. NordVPN published an interesting article in regard to ad blocking (What is ad blocking?,

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Solution 2: if you are using Cloudflare to optimize your website's security and performance, you may want to disable Rocket Loader because it is deferring the loading of JavaScript until after rendering. This may also cause your ads not to show. You'll find Rocket Loader in Cloudflare's dashboard (under Speed app =­> Optimization). If you do not want to disable Rocket Loader, Cloudflare explains how you can make Rocket Loader ignore specific JavaScripts here.

Solution 3: if the ads still won't appear then contact Amazon directly for more information.

2 thoughts on “Amazon's Native Shopping Ads won't appear [Solved]

  • Good day,

    Amazon's FAQ webpage regarding Native Shopping Ads explains that their ad units will notably appear only if they have relevant recommendations to display. You may want to read more on this subject here:



  • I really have no idea about this js. I tried to change the theme but the Native ads still not working. Is it from inside of Amazon?

    The ads is not display on *******.com

    Does anyone experience this and has got the solution?


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