Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads won’t appear [Solved]

Updated on / dernière mise à jour : 05/16/2022

Problem: you’ve installed Native Shopping Ads by Amazon on your website but they won’t appear on your site’s pages.

Solution 1: if you are using a VPN on your computer, this may be why you are not seeing Amazon’s ads (or ads from other companies you are affiliated to). Disconnect your VPN and verify if the ads now appear. NordVPN published an interesting article in regard to ad blocking (What is ad blocking?,

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Solution 2: if you are using Cloudflare to optimize your website’s security and performance, you may want to disable Rocket Loader because it is deferring the loading of JavaScript until after rendering. This may also cause your ads not to show. You’ll find Rocket Loader in Cloudflare’s dashboard (under Speed app =­> Optimization). If you do not want to disable Rocket Loader, Cloudflare explains how you can make Rocket Loader ignore specific JavaScripts here.

Solution 3: if the ads still won’t appear then contact Amazon directly for more information.

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