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Hello Robert,

I am a nascent writer and am working on my footnotes.  In my paper, I have illustrated several viewpoints of experts to make the point that there is no consensus on how and when iron technology began in Africa.  There is so much information to be explained that the viewpoints cannot be explained in a couple of sentences; I need to elaborate for a paragraph or two.

My question is…

I understand that a footnote is to be placed at the end of a sentence by which that idea came from another source.  But, where do I place the footnote if the idea of the whole paragraph comes from the expert author and how will the reader know the footnote refers to the whole paragraph and not just one sentence?

Thank you very much for your response and direction!

Joni G.

Kansas City, Missouri



If a whole paragraph reflects – as you stated in your email – one of your sources’ explanation (i.e.: an expert) and if this paragraph that you wrote fills more than five (5) continuous lines of text, then you would have to include the equivalent of 20-25 white space on each side of the paragraph (in order to have it centered). The paragraph would not have to be italicized but would still require the inclusion of a footnote number at the end of the last sentence (but before the period).  

Here’s an example:

If you need extra information regarding the horizontal alignment of text on a page, I invite you to visit one of Microsoft’s Office Online websites at this Internet address:


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