How to Include a Background Image to a Single Word Page (.doc)?

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Here is an effective method to include a background image to a single page of a Word document. If you wish to add a picture to the first page in a .doc file to include a title page with a background image and text appearing on the front while leaving the successive pages on white background, the following method can help. However, it can also be used to include an image on any other page or even the whole document.

To illustrate this example, I used Word 2003.

1 – Click on ‘Insert’ located in the top menu;

2 – click on ‘Image’;

3 – click on ‘from file’;

4 – select the file containing your background image;

5 – now, you see the image appearing on the page… click the image twice and go to the “Layout” tab, click “behind text” and then click OK… This will allow you to write text that will appear in the foreground so that the image will remain in the background;

6 – finally, click again on the image and you will see it framed with small rounds… click the frame (keeping the mouse button down) to enlarge the image so that it fills the entire page… As you can see, the other pages are not affected, and you get a single page with a background image while being able to write your text in the illustrated page.

Robert Radford, M.A.

Robert Radford

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David M. Gullever

Thanks Robert – exactly what I was looking for !!!


Robert, 4 sites later and your response worked like a bomb! Thanks – made my life a LOT easier!

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