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Two Footnotes in a Single Sentence

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Ideally, it is better not to include two footnotes or endnotes in a same sentence.  This being said, if you still need to include two such notes in a same sentence, it would be better to include them directly after the specified quote(s) and/or included statistic(s), as in this example:

In 2003, Montréal's metropolitan area included a population of 3 574 500 inhabitantscompared to an estimated population of 7 487 200 for the province of Québec2.

1    Statistics Canada. May 2, 2004. <>.

2    Statistics Canada. May 2, 2004. <>.

It is not a good idea to include numerous footnotes or endnotes at the end of a same sentence (separated by commas) because it would be difficult for the readers to know which statistic(s) and/or quote(s) – included in this particular sentence – the notes would refer to.  To avoid any confusion, I definitely prefer the inclusion of a single note per sentence but this remains a personal choice.  It is up to the author to decide!


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