How to Modify and Sign App Bundle (.aab) Files

Updated on / dernière mise à jour : 06/15/2022

Here are a few steps to modify and sign an App Bundle (.aab) file: 

1 – Build your Android App with your App creation platform (i.e.: MIT’s App Inventor 2) and download the .apk file, as well as your keystore, to your PC.

AI2 Build Apk

2 – Modify your .apk file if needed. To do so, you can read our article “How to overcome MIT App inventor’s 5 meg limit for your apk files?” (only need to read elements 1 to 7). You will probably want to modify the AndroidManifest.xml file within your .apk and this procedure will allow you to do so…

3-  Now you can read Shreya.ig’s excellent article “Edit or Modify the AAB file – change API 29 to 30 android 11” (important: follow the “easy method – short“). This shall allow you to convert your .apk file into an .aab file.

4-  Once done, read Tomer Shami’s very interesting “Tutorial for signing an AAB file“.

5- And there you go, you’ve now modified an .apk file, converted it to an App Bundle file (.aab) and signed it. You are now ready to export it to the Google Play console.

Well done!

Robert Radford, M.A.

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