Answer: Numbering and Continuation of Footnotes

F.A.Q. #11

For each page of a document, does the numbering of the footnotes start again at #1 or can it continue?  For example: on page 1 of the document, I have footnotes 1 – 6.   On page 2 of the document, do I start with footnote #7 or start all over at #1?


The numbering must be continuous.  Hence, page 2 would include footnote #7.  This being said, some authors start over the numbering whenever a new chapter begins.

In example:

Chapter 1 (pp. 10-25)

Footnotes 1 – 6

Chapter 2 (pp. 26-48)

Footnotes 1 – 13

Keep in mind that Ibid., Idem., loc.cit. and op.cit. terminologies cannot refer to footnotes that were included to previous chapters (if you decide to use a per chapter numbering method).  On the other hand, you could decide to use continuous numbering from the start to the end of your document (that’s what I usually do).  The ultimate decision is yours; both methods are acceptable.


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