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Hi there,

Firstly, thanks very much for creating this site. No matter how many guidelines I’ve received, I always seem to come across a situation that isn’t dealt with! I’m wondering how to properly footnote a citation from a book that has been translated. For example, I’m quoting from a book originally written in German but translated to English. The book was originally entitled, Altirischen by Rudolf Thurneysen but my copy is called A Grammar of Old Irish, translated by D.A Binchy and Osborn Bergin. I’d greatly appreciate your help.


A.Ó. Cléirigh


When footnoting a citation from a book that has been translated (and considering that it is the translated book that you are working from), you should use the translated book as your footnote source. Hence, even though the original reference is a book by Rudolf Thurneysen written in German, if your quote comes from Binchy and Bergin’s A Grammar of Old Irish then it is definitely Binchy and Bergin’s translated work that must be used as the reference.  This being said, credit must still be given to Thurneysen as the author but must also be given to the translators.  Here’s how the footnote could be included properly:

1 Rudolf Thurneysen, A Grammar of Old Irish, Translated by D. A. Binchy and Osborn Bergin, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1993, p. 67.


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