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You would like to subscribe to Fizz's mobile telephony services and you are looking for a promo code that will allow you to benefit from a referral bonus?

Feel free to use this referral code: J21OD


Fizz is a mobile phone company in Canada owned by Videotron, a Canadian telecommunications company. Fizz offers mobile phone and internet services to its customers at affordable rates. It uses the Videotron network to provide its services and offers unlimited data, call and message plans, as well as options for international calls. The company was launched in 2016 and quickly became popular due to its competitive pricing and customization options for customers.

Specific cell phone coverage is available for Quebec, Canada and the United States (

Special features:

  1. Affordable rates: Fizz offers mobile phone and high-speed Internet plans at very competitive rates (with customization options for customers).
  2. Transparency: Fizz stands out for its transparency policy. Customers know exactly what they are paying for and have no surprises. There are no hidden fees or long-term contracts. Customers can change or cancel their plan at any time.
  3. Digital customer experience: Fizz offers a very interesting digital customer experience; customers can manage their account, change plans, etc., directly from their mobile app or online account.
  4. 24/7 Customer Support: Fizz offers 24/7 online chat and phone support. Customers can also find answers to their questions on the company's website or by using the mobile app.
  5. Fizz's site also has an excellent selection of cell phones, including companies from Google, Samsung, Motorola, and Apple.
  6. One of the essential advantages also remains the "Benefizz" program offered to customers. Thanks to this, you periodically get various gifts or bonuses from Fizz: additional data at no cost, free months or discounts from third-party companies.
  7. An undeniable advantage of Fizz is that it also allows you to share your own mobile data with another Fizz customer, which can be very practical if a member of your family or a friend also has a plan with this company. It is thus possible to save substantially by sharing your data with loved ones.
  8. Regarding the Internet, Fizz allows an optimal download speed of 200 Mbps as well as an upload speed of 30 Mbps (January 2023).

Further information is available on the Fizz website.



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