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Question: Endnotes' Procedure and Number of References

F.A.Q. #18

I am writing memoirs of World War II events. The first draft of the book is about 200 pages long.  This is my first experience writing a book.

Presently I have a total of seven endnotes in the six chapters of the book. I have assigned a number to each endnote and placed the endnote number in superscript position at the end of the sentence where the endnote is applicable.  Because I have only 200 pages, I have placed all the endnotes at the end of the book in numerical order, as they appear in the book. For each endnote, I have listed the author, title, city where the book was published, publisher's name, year of publication and total number of pages, or the specific pages I use for my references.

In some cases the endnotes refer to specific pages in a book or publication. In other cases the endnote references the entire book or publication.

My questions are:

1. Am I following the correct procedure?

2. If not, can you advise regarding the correct procedure for citing such a small number of references?



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