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WWII Operation Haudegen

During World War II, the German submarine U-537 undertook a daring mission to establish a weather station on the remote coast of Labrador, Canada. Known as Operation Haudegen, this clandestine ...effort saw the crew working through the night to install the station, named Kurt, and repair their U-boat. Though Kurt functioned for only a month before mysteriously failing, U-537 continued its patrols, surviving multiple attacks but sinking no ships. After a 70-day journey, the submarine reached Lorient, France. On November 11th, 1944, U-537 was sunk by the USS Flounder near the Dutch East Indies. #WWII #OperationHaudegen #Uboat #Labrador #GermanNavy #WeatherStationKurt #SecretMission #WarHistory #shorts[+] Show More

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