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Question: Footnotes and Punctuation Marks

F.A.Q. #7

Dear Sir,

I am attempting to ascertain the concrete rule for the placement of footnotes within certain punctuation marks.

In searching the Internet, I turned up the following in your FAQs on footnotes:


Cf. Question #1:

" . . . I understand how to write the footnote page but in my paper where do I write the number.  For example: "Predictions about which students will do better academically or socially in which setting are highly fallible (6)".  Does the (6) go after period or before?  Thank you for your help.".


Can you please provide me the source for your answer?  We have quite a debate going about this issue in our law office, and we'd like to be able to settle it once and for all.

Thank your for your attention to this request.


D. Brown

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