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At, we welcome contributions from users who wish to share their knowledge and expertise with our readers. We understand that many users may wish to publish articles on our website and we are happy to accommodate this, as long as the article's author follows our publication policy.

Our publication policy is in place to ensure that all articles submitted to meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. We require that all articles be well-written, informative, and provide value to our readers. Additionally, the content of the articles must not be harmful, violent, racist, discriminatory, false, misleading, privacy-invasive, or sexually explicit.

We appreciate the contributions of our users and look forward to reading your articles.

  • The user must submit an article that is an original work.
  • The user agrees not to publish the submitted article on any other website(s).
  • The user agrees that the submitted article does not infringe on any third-party rights, such as copyright, trademark, or privacy.
  • The user must provide his/her full name and a valid email address, for verification and communication purposes.
  • The user agrees that his/her full name and email may appear on as the writer of the article.
  • The user agrees that and its owner may use his/her name and email in connection with the submitted article.
  • The user agrees that and its owner may use the submitted article for publication on any webpage of the website (
  • The user agrees that and its owner will not provide any compensation or salary for the publication of the article he/she sent for publication on our website.
  • The publication of an article on is without any compensation or obligation on our part.
  • The user agrees to hold and its owner harmless from any and all claims, demands, damages, and expenses arising out of the use of the submitted article.
  • and its owner reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish a submitted article.
  • We refuse to publish articles that contain:
      1. Harmful or violent content; for example, articles that encourage or glorify hate crimes, terrorism, or self-harm.
      2. Racist or discriminatory content; for example, articles that use racial slurs or advocate for discrimination against certain groups of people.
      3. False or misleading information; for example, articles that contain conspiracy theories or fabricated facts.
      4. Privacy-invasive content; for example, articles that reveal personal information of private individuals without their consent.
      5. Sexual explicit content; for example, articles that depict graphic sexual acts or are sexually suggestive.
      6. Links to websites containing harmful, violent, racist, discriminatory, false, misleading, privacy-invasive and/or sexually explicit content.
  • and its owner reserve the right to unpublish any article that was previously included on our website, without notice or explanation.
  • The user is aware that this policy can be changed at any time without notice by and its owner.
  • The user also acknowledges that and its owner are not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of the publication of their article.
  • By submitting an article via the form on our contact webpage ( – and by ticking the acceptance of the terms' checkbox provided in the form -, the user acknowledges that he/she has read and understands our publication policy and agrees to be bound by its terms if his/her article is published on our website. This acceptance means the user fully accepts's publication policy.

Reasons to Publish an Article on

  1. Exposure: publishing an article on our website may provide the writer with exposure to a wider audience, as well as the opportunity to reach a new and diverse readership. Additionally, publishing on our website may also increase the writer's visibility on search engines, as well as help to establish their authority in their field.
  2. Networking: publishing an article may open up opportunities for networking with other writers, editors, and industry professionals. This can be especially beneficial for emerging writers who are looking to gain visibility and build connections.
  3. Portfolio: the writer may use the publication of an article as an addition to their portfolio and a proof of their writing abilities for future references. This can be especially useful for writers who are looking to build a professional writing career, as it provides them with a tangible record of their work that they can share with potential clients or employers.
  4. Branding: the writer may use the publication of an article to establish or enhance their personal or professional brand.
  5. Personal satisfaction: publishing an article can be a fulfilling and satisfying experience for the writer, as it allows sharing ideas, thoughts, and perspective with a wider audience. Publishing an article on our website can also be a great way for writers to gain feedback and engagement on their work, which can be a valuable source of motivation and inspiration for future writing projects.

Article Submission and Fees

To submit an article, you must communicate with us through our Contact page, which allows users to upload .docx files (max. : 2mb).

The minimum number of words for a submitted article should be at least 500 words. This ensures that the article provides enough information and context for the readers. Additionally, the maximum number of words for a submitted article should be 2000 words. This allows for comprehensive coverage of the topic while still maintaining the readers' attention and engagement.

When an article is submitted, we carefully review the content to ensure that it meets our publication guidelines and provides value to our readers. We then inform the author of our decision via email, whether it is accepted or rejected. If an article is rejected, the author shall wait at least ninety (90) days before submitting a new article to our website.

Publishing an article on our website is free if it doesn't include links to other websites (personal and/or third-party). If you would like to include a single hyperlink to another website that's directly related to your article's topic or if you would like your published name (as the author of the article) link to another website, there is a small fee of $100.00 USD (non-refundable). You can also include up to two more links for an additional cost of $75.00 USD per link. Hence, an article with three links would cost a total of $250.00 USD (non-refundable). If your article is accepted, we would then send you an invoice through Paypal for any fees associated with the inclusion of such links to your article. Once the payment is received, we then proceed with the publishing of your article on our website.

* Please note that the user must be fully aware of's publication policy shown on this webpage before submitting an article to our website. By submitting an article to, the user is also agreeing to the terms outlined in this publication policy.

Confidentiality of SEO Data and Statistics

We understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in ensuring that our articles reach a wide audience. However, in order to protect the integrity of our website, we do not share SEO data and statistics with the authors of submitted articles.

We use various techniques and metrics to optimize the visibility of our articles in search engines, and we believe that sharing this information with authors could compromise the impartiality and objectivity of our content.

Additionally, sharing such data would also allow authors to manipulate their articles to artificially inflate their visibility in search engines, which would be detrimental to our website and its readers.

We are committed to providing our readers with high-quality, informative and valuable content, so we focus on creating and curating content that is interesting, informative and well-written rather than on metrics or statistics. We do not want to compromise the quality of our content by sharing SEO data with authors.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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