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200 Years of Transportation Innovations

Let's delve into the pivotal milestones that have shaped our cities, from the humble beginnings of lamplighters illuminating streets to the development of the intricate Paris Métro. Learn about the ...revolutionary Good Roads Movement, innovative snow removal methods, and the critical introduction of traffic lights. Discover the monumental achievements of the Alaska Highway and the Trans-Canada Highway, which connected remote regions and transformed national infrastructure. Join us as we highlight the innovations that have redefined urban transportation, enhancing connectivity and revolutionizing how we move through our cities.

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0:00 Introduction
0:48 Lamplighters
1:58 Edward P. Weston
3:14 Modern Oil Industry
4:25 Motorwagen
5:35 First Motorcycles
6:50 Good Roads Movement
7:59 Electric Cars
9:39 Paris Métro
10:58 Snow Removal
12:16 Traffic Lights
13:28 Alaska Highway
14:44 Trans-Canada Highway
15:58 End
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