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The Liberation of Europe's Pipeline

Operation PLUTO (Pipeline Under The Ocean) was a groundbreaking World War II project that facilitated the transport of fuel from Britain to Allied forces in Normandy post-D-Day. Initiated in 1942 ...and executed in 1944, it involved laying two types of pipelines—HAIS and HAMEL—across the English Channel. These pipelines were deployed using specially modified ships called "conundrums". Overcoming technical challenges, PLUTO successfully delivered over 172 million gallons of fuel, proving vital for the Allies' operational success. This operation showcased remarkable wartime engineering and highlighted the crucial role of logistics in modern warfare.

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Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / National Archives USA.

Pipe Line Section - 'PLUTO', HAIS type, Lead, circa 1943
Photographer: Matilda Vaughan
Museums Victoria
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